clearly the influence was strong.

With multiple courses (sometimes up to four), hours of my life would be spent at this table. It isn’t until now I have found how my seat at this particular table has shaped me, both personally and professional. I find it to have influenced what I make a priority at my table. Personally, the loudest sound in the room is the music playing, or me cheering for my favorite sports team; and professionally, everyone contributes and is given an equal opportunity to be heard.

My family is an overwhelming presence at times, with their loud opinions on everything. However, I admire and emulate their intensity, their dedication and their desire to put family first. My ability to articulate my opinion is a direct reflection of the lessons learned at Sunday dinner. It was bestowed upon me it is a privilege to have a seat at the grown-up table and my childhood experiences with my family have taught me the importance and need for listening to others, respecting people’s opinions, and taking advantage of every opportunity to prove ones’ authenticity.